New Product Update- EZ Kiosk

Based on our ExhibitVision Banner system, the EZ Kiosk is a powerful new way to add interativity to your marketing message, without giving up portability and ease of setup. 

The system consists of a retractable banner with a built in rear projection screen, a micro projector, a tiny net top PC, a integrated stand for the PC and projector, a collapsable keyboard table, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.  The projector connects to the PC via a included VGA cable, and with the wireless keyboard and mouse you can display powerpoint presentations, software demos, multi-media presentations, or connect to the internet.

The system packs in 3 padded nylon bags, the PC has its own protective case, and everything can be packed into one  shipping case.  Setup can be done by one person, and takes just minutes.  You no longer need heavy LCD screens to add muti-media to your message.

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