5 ways to save on your next trade show booth

These days, everyone is looking for ways to stretch their trade show budgets. Here are some simple tips that can help.

1 – Look under foot
K&S Comfort Tiles has a designer line that includes a hardwood floor look. I used these at a tradeshow in Las Vegas this spring and they were easy to install and relatively lightweight to ship. And they were easy on the feet, to boot.

2 – Retouch, don’t replace
Rather than replacing last year’s booth, give it a facelift. Reprinting graphics or getting new laminate panels and re-laminating or replacing counter tops can give your booth a second life! If you have an extruded aluminum booth you can powder coat the aluminum—even go with a different color. The powder coating will cover scrapes, and most importantly make it look like a brand new booth.

3 – Weigh your options (literally)
If you do buy a new display, consider its weight. Portable, modular displays can save thousands in shipping and drayage. Did you know fabric graphics weigh significantly less than laminate graphics? Now you do.

4 – Light bulb lifetime
Consider going with LED lights rather than halogen. The bulbs need to be replaced less often, don’t get as hot and use less power.

5 – Consider an ExhibitVision Banner
Leave your heavy monitors at home and opt for an ExhibitVision banner. The integrated micro-projector shows video or photos on a 20” screen that all packs in two small bags. And it runs off a thumb drive, which means no need for a bulky PC or DVD player either.

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