Going Digital with your Ultra-Portable Display

Digital imagery is increasingly being used in marketing environments like trade shows, and for good reason:

Digital messages are easy to change.  It is much easier to update a digital message, than a printed one.  Because of this you can keep your marketing message fresh, and tailor it to your specific audience at each event.  This is especially effective when combined with a larger printed message.  The printed message should contain your corporate identity that is not likely to change very often, leaving the digital message to target specials or new products that are updated often.  By taking this approach you will spend less money on printing and still have fresh messaging for every event.

Digital messages add motion.  The human eye is drawn to motion, and on a busy show floor you need all the help you can get to capture potential prospects attention.  When you combine slide shows or video with printed graphics you add motion that will help get you noticed.

Digital Displays are increasingly lightweight.  Flat screen monitors started the digital revolution , but the early plasma models were much too heavy for ultra-portable displays like Popups and Banner stands.  Thanks to some new products on the market, this has changed.

ExhibitVision Banner 10' Display Kit

Coyote Popup with Monitor Mount

Both of these new products combine a digital display with printed graphics in ways that were not possible just a short time ago.  They each have been developed to help harness the power of digital messaging in a in a ultra-portable package.  Check out our specials page to learn more about these new products, and take advantage some special summer pricing!

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