Exhibitech- Tablets and Touchscreens

Technology is used more and more at trade shows and special events.  Tablets, smart phones, and other emerging technologies are new tools we can use to communicate more effectively.  In our Exhibitech series, we will look at ways to leverage new technologies as marketing tools in the events industry.



Tablet computers have been around for some time, but it wasn’t until the introduction of the iPad, that they became a mainstream marketing tool at trade shows and special events.  The iPad is a convenient way for sales people to do presentations with sales catalogs, photos, and even video.  Its intuitive user interface, and slim design make it perfect for product demonstrations, and with apps like Square, it can be used to accept credit cards, for on the spot sales.

Nexus 10

There are other tablets on the market that run the android operating system, but nothing has been as widely adopted as the iPad.  Google is looking to change that with the introduction of its new Nexus 10 tablet.  The Nexus 10 has an iPad beating screen resolution, and processor, and is priced aggressively, starting at 399.00.  This may be a good option for companies that want to use touchscreens as marketing tools, but are also price conscious, especially when buying multiple tablets.



Microsoft’s Surface tablet comes with a version of Windows 8 that has Microsoft Office pre-installed.  This could be a boon for professionals who use Office programs to make presentations.  It also has some unique keyboard “covers” that magnetize to the tablet, for situations that require more typing such as signing up for a mailing list.


Windows 8 All-in-one

There will be several new form factors running Windows 8 coming from various manufacturers.  From convertible laptops, that have a touch screens on the back, to ultrathin “all in one” PCs that incorporate computing components into various sizes of touchscreens.  This will open up a whole new world of possibilities for doing presentations as these devices get bigger, but stay relatively economical.

Convertible Laptop

It is an exciting time to be in the events industry with all these new tools to choose from.  Touch screens get our audiences involved with our message in ways that other methods do not.  Tapping and swiping with a touch screen is a much more visceral experience than clicking with a mouse.  These new tools give us the opportunity to communicate better, and that is good for an industry built on communication.

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