We specialize in graphics for all types of displays. Mural panels for Traditional Popup displays can be tricky. You have to not only know the size of the panel, but you have to have the right hanging hardware, you have to have the right polarity of magnet, and you have to know exactly where to place that magnet (hint- it is not always right on the edge), otherwise the panels will not hang correctly. Lots of printers can make panels to a specific size, but there are not many that have 20 years of experience making mural panels for for almost every make of popup display. 1/16″ of and inch can be the difference between mural panels that hang correctly and make a good impression at your show, and ones that don’t, and make your company look less than professional. If it is time to refresh that popup display with some new panels, turn to a company with the experience to do the job correctly. Call us today.

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