LITE Displays

Display Carry BagLITE displays are ultra light weight, easy to set up and endlessly reconfigurable.  L.I.T.E. is an acronym for Lightweight, Intuitive, Tool free, and Economical.


An 8 x 8′ LITE display kit weighs less than 25lbs and packs in a single nylon bag that is about the same size as a retractable banner bag.  Imagine a whole backwall display and graphic that you can easily carry into a show.  The industry is moving toward lighter weight displays, and the LITE display is one of the lightest on the market.


The simple construction of LITE displays make setup easy.  One client described the system as adult “Tinker Toys.” It only takes a twist to lock the pieces in place, so  LITE displays can be assembled in minutes. And, like “Tinker Toys”, they are endlessly reconfigurable.


LITE displays need no tools for assembly.  The system uses a simple twist lock connector which is done by hand.  You no longer need to worry about losing time during setup because you can’t find your tools.  The only tools you need are your hands.


Because LITE displays are lighter and pack smaller than other portable displays you will save money on shipping and drayage on every show you attend.  The frame of an 8 x 8′ LITE display can be reconfigured into a tabletop display and a freestanding banner.  The flexibility of the system makes it easy to reconfigure, saving you money by giving you numerous display options with each frame.



8 x 8′ Display kit includes: 

1- Tool Free Aluminum frame

1- Full size dye-sub fabric graphic

2- Lights

1- Frame bag

1- Shipping case with built-in Step stool


Tabletop Display Kit Includes:

1- Tool Free aluminum frame

1- Full size dye-sub fabric graphic

1- Light

1- Frame Bag

1- Shipping case

Many more kits are on the way….

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